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Marlin Elementary School- Book of the Month
“But these (quilt) centers are a dark, deep blue.  This house hides runaways!”
In the book, Under the Quilt of Night, a runaway slave girl is running from her master.  As she leads her fellow slaves, they take refuge in the woods during the day.  At night, the runaways must move as quickly as possible.  The girl watches for the sign from the Underground Railroad.  Then, she sees it!  The quilt with the dark, deep blue squares.  They have arrived.  With the help of these friends, they are guided closer and closer to freedom.  Will the girl and the other runaways make it before they are found by the master?  Written by Deborah Hopkinson, Under the Quilt of Night is the sequel to the book Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt.  Both books are ideal read alouds and lessons for Black History Month.

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Meet a Marlin Teacher
My name is Natalie Puent (pronouced Pent) and I am the new physical education teacher at Marlin.  I am so excited for the opportunity to work with your children and teach them new skills, valuable life lessons, and how to live a healthy, active lifestyle!  We are going to be doing a lot of fun activities this upcoming year and I can't wait.

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