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Eligibility to Ride the Bus

  • Be familiar with the Bus Safety Rules. (See also: English, Spanish or Korean).
  • Have children ready at their assigned stops at least five minutes prior to scheduled pickup.
  • Cooperate with the driver about bus rules and safety issues.
  • Help the driver with disciplinary problems. Our drivers are asked to call parents about discipline problems after a write-up.
  • Do not ask the driver for special favors or special stops. Drivers are obligated to run routes as written.
  • Route problems should be addressed by calling the Transportation Department.
  • Make sure your children know where to go if you are not available to receive him/her from the bus. Give your driver a list of phone numbers to be contacted if you are not available. Alternate drop off points must be in your school district area, and be approved and documented at Transportation.
  • Drivers are advised not to drop off students if they do not recognize adults, realize students are not able to get in the home, or if things seem out of the ordinary.
  • If, for some reason, the driver is concerned about the stop, students may be required to continue with the driver and bus route until phone calls can be made to the parent or guardian. This decision is totally at the driver's discretion.
  • In some cases, where parents are expected to be at stops and cannot be found, and transportation has exhausted all other options, the police department and or Child Protective services will be notified. Always assist the driver in teaching your child about safe loading and unloading areas.
  • Be aware of the Danger Zone and insist your child know about it. The danger zones are areas around the bus where it is difficult for the driver to see. Children should be taught not to pick up objects they drop near the bus. The driver may not see the child. If the child does drop something, the child should inform the bus driver and follow the driver's instructions. (See Danger Zone diagram)
  • NEVER allow a child to run for the bus. She/he may fall under the bus wheels. Also, remember that drivers have engine noise, radio traffic, and the noise of students. It is very difficult to hear a child yelling or pounding on the side of the bus. Drivers also have a 10 ft. area around the bus called the Danger Zone where their vision is limited. (See Danger Zone diagram).



  • Bus drivers have the same authority for student discipline on the buses as do teachers in the classroom. When pupils are under the supervision of a bus driver, the driver shall have the right to take any action which is then reasonably necessary to carry out or to prevent an interference with the educational function of which the driver is then in charge-transporting students to and from school.
  • The driver may suspend a student from the bus for one day. Additional days may be requested from the building principal. (see MCCSC Board Policy 8600) To reinstate bus privileges, parents may be required to attend a conference with their child's principal.