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Translation Service

Translation refers to process of converting written text from one language to another language. Translation service is provided for families of English learners in MCCSC.

Translated Documents

  • English Learner Parent Survey (Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese)
  • ENL Service Declined Form (Korean, Spanish)
  • Home Language Survey Form (Korean, Spanish)
  • LAS Links Placement Test Result Notification Letter (Korean, Spanish)
  • LAS Links Annual Assessment Administration Notification Letter (Korean, Spanish)
  • LAS Links Annual Assessment Results Notification Letter (Korean, Spanish)
  • Title III Annual Parent Notification Letter (Korean, Spanish)
  • 2521.01a Student Policy Agreement Form (Korean, Spanish)
  • Absent Parent Notification Letter (Spanish)
  • Bus Rules (Korean, Spanish)
  • Emergency Medical Authorization Form (Korean, Spanish)
  • Enrollment Card (Korean, Spanish)
  • IREAD-3 Parent Letter (Korean, Spanish)
  • ISTEP Parent Letter (Korean, Spanish)
  • McKinney Vento Act Residency and Educational Rights Information and Form (Korean, Spanish)
  • Meal & Textbook Application Form (Arabic, Korean, Spanish)
  • Migrant Work Survey Form (Spanish)
  • Military Recruitment Opt Out Letter (Korean, Spanish)
  • Title I AYP Letter (Spanish)
  • Title I School Compact Parent Rights (Spanish)
  • Verification of Home Address Form (Korean, Spanish)